Bluetooth Robot

A robot that has both bluetooth controlled and autonomous driving capability. Designed to have cruise control, line follower, and maze navagation capabilities.

Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker was designed that can stream music from a smartphone or another Bluetooth enabled device. This project features an optional audio filter that the user can turn on or off as desired to give an old fashioned transistor radio sound.

Arduino PCB Design

An Arduino Uno was reverse engineered and a small PCB with all necessary components was designed using Mentor PADS software and made ready to be sent in for fabrication.


A functional seismometer created using an NE555 timer and a piezoelectric element.

Power Supply

A power supply which convered 220 volts at 60 Hz to an adjustable DC output voltage between 5 - 10 volts at 0.5 amps was created on a breadboard and modled in LTSpice.