About Michael

Michael graudated from Oregon Institute of Technology with a degree in electrical engineering in June 2020. He has a variety of interests and talents; primarily as they relate to microcontrollers, programming, and computer engineering.

From an early age, Michael has always been fascinated with how the natural world works. He always seeks to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind how things work. In high school he quickly demonstrated an aptitude for the life sciences. When he started college, he continued to expand his knowledge base in these areas, studying biology and chemistry. When he graduated with his first bachelor’s degree in biology from Portland State University in 2014 he realized that he only understood the world as it related to the life sciences, so he decided to actively seek out experiences that challenged his worldview.

Michael took his first job after college teaching in a public high school in the rural Aomori Prefecture in Japan in an effort to learn a new culture. When he first arrived, he spoke little Japanese beyond the basics so he taught himself how to fluently converse with others and read. While in Japan, Michael decided that the best way that he could apply his background in the life sciences would be by gaining additional technical skills relating to equipment that might have applications within the field of medicine.

Upon returning to the United States, Michael began a course of study in electrical engineering at Oregon Institute of Technology. He is currently scheduled to graduate in June 2020. Michael is interested in microcontrollers, programming, and automated systems, but remains open to pursuing other avenues in engineering. In addition to his engineering skills he remains passionate about biology and medicine and enjoys any opportunity to apply his knowledge of the life sciences in engineering projects.

Michael believes that success at work is best achieved by cultivating kinesthetic and intellectually stimulating activities outside the office. In his spare time Michael enjoys snowboarding, and traveling. He is an active member of the Portland Japanese Language exchange, where he regularly attends weekly meetups. Feel free to contact Michael at michaelhern@hotmail.com, or anywhere else around the web.