Oregon Institute of Technology

Michael graduated with a bachelors of science degree from Oregon Institute of Technology in June 2020. Oregon Institute of Technology is an ABET accredited electrical engineering program.

OIT graduates are highly sought after in industry, particularly in the Silicon Forest. Many graduates go on to work for companies such as Tektronix, Intel, HP, or the federal government. 96% of graduates are employed full time, or enrolled in graduate school within 6 months of graduation.

Oregon Institute of Technology uses a hands-on approach to teaching engineering designed around a classic, foundational core of electrical engineering course work. Rather than spending an excessive amount of time lecturing, most classes at OIT are focused on labs and practical implementation of engineering principles taught in the classroom. Small class sizes also ensured that each student was able to receive more personalized instruction to suit their learning needs. Due to this unique style of teaching Michael had the opportunity to participate in a number of hands on projects, many of which have practical applications in industry.

A multitude of engineering topics were presented throughout the course of Michael’s studies. These included control systems, MATLAB and Labview programming, microcontrollers, PCB design, solid state devices, and electronics.